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Abstract Submission Deadline Is June 15 for the 2022 International Breastfeeding Conference

By April 13, 2021 No Comments

It is with extreme caution, boundless hope and joy that we announce the call for abstracts for the 26th Annual Breastfeeding and Human Lactation Conference in Deerfield Beach FL, January 12-14, 2022. If indicators continue to be good and the pandemic is under control we will hold the conference in person. We have missed you all so dearly. While we have been staying closer to home, as you have, we know that your amazing work has continued, and we want to hear about it!
For a true meeting of the minds that will convey new knowledge and teach crucial skills, we encourage practitioners, academics, and students to submit abstracts to be considered for oral presentations or poster sessions.
Because of what we have all been through, the theme around which we are organizing the plenary presentations is “Finding Our Balance” however, submitted abstracts do not have to keep to the theme.
The abstracts should demonstrate the application of strategies to human lactation, breastfeeding management and research. Abstracts may describe contributions to theory, completed or work in progress involving human lactation, breastfeeding management and research, or proposed application of human lactation and breastfeeding management to other health issues. Case studies are also acceptable.

• Enhancing understanding of the complex interactions between socio-cultural, psychological, and biological factors in maternal child health
• Illuminating socio-cultural, political, and economic influences upon maternal and infant feeding practices
• Focusing on key initiatives that may impact upon practices related to breastfeeding the preterm infant and the family
• Exploring research findings or current trends that impact clinical practice program development, funding and policy in breastfeeding and human lactation
• Describing current trends in promoting, supporting and/or protecting breastfeeding
• Work that addresses disparities of care impacting pregnancy, childbirth, and infant feeding
• Increasing and expanding knowledge regarding lactation
• Case studies of resilience during the time of COVID
• Telehealth and Lactation Counseling

Please note, Healthy Children Project reserves the right to cancel this conference depending on public health indicators.

Proposals can be submitted online at Or emailed to:

Please use Abstract Submission as the subject line.

Workshop Proposals and Poster Session Proposals should include:
1. A cover page that contains:
a. the title of the paper
b. the names of all authors, their degrees, and institutional affiliations
c. the name of the corresponding author making the presentation (including telephone number and e-mail address)
d. whether the application represents a contribution to theory, completed work, work in progress, or proposed work;
e. the presentation format (oral, poster, either)
2. A second page that contains only
– the title of the proposed presentation
– 500 word, single-spaced abstract in size 12 type, 1″ margin on all sides
3. A curriculum vitae or resume for each of the authors
4. A typed bibliography for the abstract
5. A list of all related funding sources

We are no longer accepting new submissions. Please go to for updates on the conference speakers and events.

We hope to see you in person in 2022!