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Lactation Counselor Training Course All Online!

By April 24, 2020 No Comments

participants can take the LCTC online

As the world continues to adapt to the COVID-19 situation and, recognizing that, now more than ever, lactation counselors are needed to promote, protect and support breastfeeding, Healthy Children Project (HCP) has launched an entirely online version of its popular Lactation Counselor Training Course (LCTC). 

While the experience of being together for the LCTC provides wonderful opportunities for meeting new friends and colleagues and networking, this new solution is a way to continue the important course even though face-to-face courses can’t take place right now.

The LCTC online version combines up-to-date, high-level evidence, counseling training, policy, and practice. The course is self-paced and presented in an engaging and energetic format through videos, self-check questions, and competency verification, and twice-weekly office hours with faculty to answer additional questions for online participants. To best replicate the opportunity to hear the questions participants ask and the answers shared in the live course, each office hour section is logged and labeled by topic so students can review the questions at their convenience.

And participants seem to love the new format!

I cannot say enough about this program. Faculty were incredibly informative, and each instructed with individual style and warmth. There was a great balance of science and counseling and I appreciate how these were divided up so thoughtfully. I loved how the instructors told stories about their own practices/experiences as this really helped eliminate the cold nature of online learning. At times, I felt I was right there with them!... taking in their wisdom in real time. I particularly enjoyed the 1B /2A segments, and have learned so much (I wish I knew when breastfeeding my baby 8ya). The office hours may have been the very best part, and I am so grateful these were done. THANK YOU!!!!! I couldn't be more pleased with having chosen this route.

I was concerned with having to change to an online format, but found the instructors and information to be so well laid out and communicated, that those concerns quickly were non-existent. I can't say enough about how wonderful this whole experience has been. I really felt like the faculty was so encouraging, and really wanted me to succeed. I am so thankful for this opportunity!

I thought this course was great. Before starting I felt very confident in my practice already, and was only here for the certification. I enjoyed being able to go step by step, and every time I went in to work throughout this process I realized there were so many things I was doing "wrong", and after changing my words and demonstrations I noticed I was a lot more effective.

This course was incredible and I learned a lot. I am excited to incorporate what I have learned into my practice as a nurse.

I appreciated all of the faculty's personal experience stories during the lectures, especially because this is an online course. I was afraid I would miss the personal applications anecdotes because this course was not in person. I also liked the emphasis put on nonjudgmental counseling practices!

I really enjoyed the variety of teachers from the online class. In a live class I would not have been so richly blessed. I could feel that they each had a different passion and I love the respect they modeled for their fellow workers. They are an inspiration to me and made me feel like I was ready to help other moms.

“Though I was not able to do this course in person, the instructors created a course that was not only highly educational, but also enjoyable.” 

“I am truly enjoying the format of this course and it definitely helps that you are all so entertaining and fun!” 

“I enjoyed the teaching methods utilized and enjoyed the ability to work on training while having the ability to pause and do other duties for my employment as well.”

Just like the in-person version of the LCTC, the entire course should take 52 hours to complete. 

Online CLC© Exam
A remotely-proctored CLC© exam is also available from the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. The exam lasts up to three hours and will require internet access and a computer with a functioning video camera/webcam and audio. Time slots are currently available Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm EST. To learn how to schedule your CLC exam after completing the eligibility requirements, please email Currently, the online exam is available to first-time test takers only.

To register for the Online Lactation Counselor Training, please click here.