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Implementation Algorithm to Improve Skin-to-Skin Practice in the First Hour After Birth

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An Implementation Algorithm to Improve Skin‐to‐skin Practice in the First Hour After Birth, an open access article from our faculty members Kajsa Brimdyr and Karin Cadwell, along with colleagues Jeni Stevens and Yuki Takahashi, introduces a novel algorithm to analyze the practice of skin to skin in the first hour and highlight opportunities for practice improvement. Download editable versions of the HCP-S2S-IA Algorithm and the Robson’s Criteria Form or by clicking on the images.

HCP-S2S-IA Algorithm Form

Robson’s Criteria Form
Mapping, Measuring, and Analyzing the Process of Skin-to-Skin Contact and Early Breastfeeding in the First Hour After Birth, written by Kajsa Brimdyr and Karin Cadwell, along with colleague Raylene Phillips, is an article using the Algorithm which was published in Breastfeeding Medicine in 2018.

The Algorithm depends on Robson’s Criteria, which has recently been proposed by WHO as the “global standard for assessing, monitoring and comparing caesarean section rates within healthcare facilities over time, and between facilities“.  The Algorithm uses Robson’s Criteria to categorize all births in relation to their skin-to-skin status, not only cesarean sections.

Robson’s Classification