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25 Full Scholarships Awarded to BIPOC Recipients

By March 10, 2022 No Comments

The Healthy Children Project Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the third wave of the Accessing the Milky Way Scholarship initiative. These full scholarships were earmarked for Black, Indigenous, People of Color working or seeking to work within their communities of color to better the lives of mothers, parents, and babies through breastfeeding. We received nearly 200 applicants and nominations and our decisions were not easy.

  • Amirah Bashir
  • Aurea Hawkes
  • Consuela Douglas
  • Damian Morris
  • Danielle Clarke
  • Dominique Roberts
  • Hadiah Rahim
  • Janika Wright
  • JeQuithia Sims
  • Jordan Fullow
  • Karnyta Gadjoro
  • Kiwanis Tucker
  • Lakeeta Watts
  • LaTea Henderson
  • Latifah Crenshaw
  • Livia Marcondes
  • Maria Razzaq
  • Melanie Julion
  • Michelle Linton
  • Naima Bond
  • Rachel Spells
  • Sherena Clayton
  • Stacia Turner
  • Tara Clifton
  • Vijayalakshmi Natarajan

We congratulate these scholarship recipients and look forward to helping them to help the families in their communities with evidence-based lactation support.

Special thanks to Jones and Bartlett Learning for providing a free textbook to each scholarship recipient.